Therapy programmes to improve your speaking and understanding of language

Therapy for acquired neurological disorders e.g Parkinson’s Disease

At Speech Exchange we offer therapy to people who have an acquired communication difficulty, this can be the result of many different neurological conditions.  The most common ones being:

The neurological condition may affect your communication in variety of ways;

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This will include:

One of the therapy techniques we are trained to deliver is the Lee Silverman Voice Technique LSVT – this is an intense therapy programme that is delivered 4 sessions a week for 4 weeks.

LSVT is based on the principle ‘Speak LOUD’, to maximise speech intelligibility. It was first designed to be used with individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, however, it has more recently being found to be effective with people with other neurological conditions.  There has been a great deal of research into this approach, if you have a look at the website the research and example of the technique in action are available

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