Providing support & therapy to individuals experiencing voice problems

Therapy for voice disorders

The sound of our voice makes us who we are, it’s part of our identity. Many of us take for granted our voice until it changes and speaking becomes a problem and starts to affect our daily life.  These changes may creep up on you gradually or at other times the voice can change suddenly.

What causes voice disorders?

There are a number of reasons our voices change, the main ones being:

Often there are a number of reasons our voices change, with behaviours, emotions and lifestyle factors influencing the voice disorder

Before therapy can begin you will need an Ear, Nose and throat consultation (ENT).  The consultant will assess your voice using nasendoscopy and give you a diagnosis.  The ENT report will be required prior to therapy.

Voice Therapy

A holistic approach to voice therapy is key and your therapy will include:

Steph, South Staffordshire

Working as a specialist in clinical voice for many years, I know that for therapy to be effective;

the relationship between the person and the voice must be understood and incorporated in the therapy programme

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I am a member of the British Voice Association and take a keen interest on keeping up to date with the latest research. See my blog on the voice and looking after your voice over video calls‘.

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